Sea Change Top

Time for a Sea Change: Head for the Mountains

I have a giant girl-crush on Debbie of Lily Sage and Co. I’ve raved here about her stunning makes before, so I was excited to try one of her patterns: the Sea Change Top.

Sea Change Top

The front panel is lightweight cotton knit with a panel print of mountain scenery from Mood. Ironically I passed over this fabric the first time I saw it last time I was in NYC — for some reason I was feeling morose and foolishly left without any. Then I saw Debbie post a top she made with this fabric , which looked great, so I had to have some for myself and ordered it online. The things a girl-crush makes you do!

For the back and trim I used a beige knit from one of my local fabric stores, which probably was just a little too heavy-weight for this design. I sewed the Extra Small and made the bottom band longer than called for so the top wouldn’t be quite so cropped.

Sea Change Top

Sober second thought looking at these pictures tells me I may have gone a little overboard on the range of colours in this outfit — but I love those pants, and I shoehorn them into outfits where they don’t really belong all the time. They’re Yoga Jeans by Montreal’s Second Denim Co. (made in Canada!), skinny ankle pants in watermelon. Yesterday I found the same pair in “citron”, which is the loudest, happiest shade of greenish yellow and makes me absolutely GLEEFUL, and they were on SALE, so more ill-advised colour combination outfits are in my near future, no doubt!


I’m honestly not sure I’m going to wear this a lot. It might be a bit too fussy for me. I don’t mean fussy in a covered-in-ruffles-and-bows kind of way, but the bagginess and big-ass kimono sleeves make me self conscious while I have it on, so I fuss around making sure it’s all sitting where it’s supposed to. There’s a certain way to sit with your elbows forward on a table that would give anyone nearby major side-boob viewage up the sleeves. (Well, as major a side-boob as one could get with these barely-fill-an-A-cup girls.) But I have only worn this once so far, so I’ll give it another couple of tries and see if it grows on me (and please not literally — it’s quite big enough already).

Sea Change Top

At first glance I thought the collar band seemed way too small to fit with the very large neck opening, but after quite a bit of wrestling and a little bit of cursing it worked out well. But the finished neck opening is quite wide, so be aware of that if you intend to try this pattern and prefer a neckband that doesn’t drift down towards your shoulders. Overall this was an easy top to put together. Debbie’s pattern is well laid out with clear instructions.


8 thoughts on “Time for a Sea Change: Head for the Mountains

  1. Just zoom up the side seams again to reduce the sleeve width, if you can cope with an exposed seam on the inside. Much more wearable and fabulous fabric saved!


    1. Good idea, Halyley…I might try that. I’m going to try wearing it again before I decide for sure. I do love the fabric!


  2. I totally get what you say about clothing that are fussy to wear!

    To shut down the side boob show, what about doing what lots of kaftan do – stitch lines either side of the bodice where side seams normally goes?


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