V8904: I am on FIRE!

Just finished this dress a few moments ago. Well, it’s not quite finished…I haven’t hemmed the sleeves yet, but who can wait to hem the friggin’ sleeves when the dress turns out this perfectly???? I slipped it on to check the fit after finishing the side seams and an involuntary “holy shit!” escaped my mouth. Huzzah!

Whose you’re sewin’ mamma?? That’s right, me! I am!

Just ignore those horrible ‘camel’ coloured tights. They match the brown stripes on the dress perfectly but look like a spray tan gone awry, or something a nurse might have worn in the 70s…I’ll just be going with nude hosiery when I wear this in public.

This is my second make of Vogue 8904. It’s a super-easy pattern with great results. This time I made it with striped rayon jersey with lovely drape and a really soft touch. The trick with using stripes is to lay out the pattern pieces so the bottom of each piece is perfectly aligned along the edge of a stripe, and also to try to match the stripes up each side seam (which didn’t work out quite perfectly near the armholes, for some reason, but overall came out pretty well).


Vogue 8904

Vogue 8904
I am the cat that swallowed the canary! Love this dress!

Below is my previous make of the dress, in a shorter length, and with an added hem band. You can see in this first version that the shoulders don’t fit that well, so in the striped version I added a centimeter to each side of the shoulder area to ensure a better fit. The main body of the version below is cut from a fairly thick, taupe-coloured knit, kind of similar to ponte de roma but maybe a bit heavier. I wish I knew more about fabric to be able to say for sure. In any case, the striped rayon knit is a much better fabric for the dress…you can tell by comparing the two versions how much better the drape is on the striped one.



Vogue 8904 dress
Seriously, ignore those awful tights.

Can’t wait to wear this! I do need some groceries; do you think it’ll be weird if I make a run to No Frills wearing it?

15 thoughts on “V8904: I am on FIRE!

  1. I know I’m a year late, but hey, so what. I had to comment when I saw that this dress is from a Marcy Tilton pattern. I’m so in love with her patterns, although I’m not yet convinced that she knows what a woman’s body looks like ;p. I’m still struggling to get a pair of trousers right, but I had great fun with a jacket pattern of hers. I like the tensor bandage look you’ve got going here 🙂


    1. Thanks. I know what you mean about her patterns…this one is quite the figure-hugger, though. You are brave to attempt trousers…I haven’t gone down that road in my sewing adventures yet. Thanks for commenting.


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