Back to School in 80s Style

On Saturday night I was hanging out with my nephew who was discovering vinyl records for the first time, so we were going through some dusty crates of records in the basement, trotting out some weird old stuff like Bauhaus, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Nina Hagen. What’s a kid’s musical education without a little Nina Hagen? LOL. Anyway, it seems fitting that I suddenly had a whim to sew up this Vogue pattern, V1337, complete with oversized 80s batwing styling.

Vogue 1337 Dress

I started cutting it out while we were listening to music on Saturday night and I finished it up yesterday, Labour Day Monday. Which means I have a cool new back-to-school outfit to wear today.

Vogue 1337 Dress

You can see the pleats on the shoulders (and there are pleats at the top of the skirt and the bottom of the front bodice), which were a little tricky to do. The bodice is meant to have an oversized, blouson kind of effect, but honestly that just looks weird if I wear this without a belt. So belt it is — much better.

Vogue 1337 Dress

The other difficult part of sewing this was adding a 1/4″ clear elastic to the seam allowance where the skirt and bodice are sewn together. The elastic is smaller than the actual circumference of this seam, so it’s hard to sew it in while ensuring the dress fabric gathers up evenly all around the waist.  Did I mention I will only ever wear this with a wide belt covering up the waist seam? The pattern comes with pieces to sew a self-tie belt, but I haven’t sewn that up yet.

Vogue 1337 Dress

Cute shoes, no? Fluevogs. I hope they aren’t the death of me as I run around studios today checking on students learning how to edit sound.

Anyhow, Happy New Year to you! Because back-to-school is truly the new year, even if it’s been years since you went to school. There’s a real change at this time of year, more significant than that arbitrary date in early winter that someone at some point decided marked the new year. I hope September brings new beginnings and there’s happiness in the new year ahead for you.

Vogue 1337 Dress

How about you? Does back-to-school time feel like a new year for you, too? Do you still spend a lot of time thinking about your ‘first day back’ outfit?

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