Scared Stitchless

I am scared stitchless.

I purchased the pattern for the Burda 10/2011 Chiffon blouse with tie band #128B almost a month ago, and bought fabric for it soon after, but I can’t seem to bring myself to sew it.

Burda's chiffon blouse with tie band
Burda’s chiffon blouse with tie band

Trouble is, I’m pretty sure that sewing that fabric is gonna be the death of me. It’s a thin, sheer, ravel-y, drooling monster that keeps me awake at night. Even cutting it was a nightmare.

The five-headed hydra fabric. (Or does a hydra have seven heads? Can't remember.)
The five-headed hydra fabric. (Or does a hydra have seven heads? Can’t remember.)

I do have weaponry to fight the beast: I think I have the right type of needle for my sewing machine; I’m gonna swap out my stitch plate with the wide opening for the stitch plate with the tiny circular opening (apparently a smaller opening for the needle to poke through helps avoid pulling the fabric down into the hole and making the stitches all wonky); and I have read and understood the French Seam tutorial (although it appears to involve actually having to measure…sigh).

But I’m still intimidated. I think I need a Fortify Magicka potion or something…I’ll ask my nephew who plays Skyrim to help me out on that one.

It’s like getting into the cold lake at the cottage. I need someone to just push me in.

In happier news, my Circles, Stars, Bombs and Flowers shirt is coming along nicely. The basic shape has been cut and sewn, and it now awaits some pintuck embellishment and probably longer sleeves.


2 thoughts on “Scared Stitchless

  1. i love the fabric! i don’t envy you with the chiffon, though – i bought a very nice blouse for $2 on clearance because it had a rip in a sleeve seam. the mending process was so un-fun that i temporarily regretted spending even $2. (all’s well that ends well, but ugh – never again with all the little strings.)


    1. Thanks for your comment, Ellie! I know what you mean about the strings…they’re EVERYWHERE. And I haven’t even started sewing it!


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