Hi! I’m Lori B from Toronto, Canada, and I’m the author of Frivolous At Last. I love to make things: clothes, sweaters, noise, cookies, outfits, art, dessert, jewelry, a scene, hay while the sun shines, etc…if it’s creative and tactile, and at least a little bit beautiful, I’m in. On this blog I post about things I’m making and other things that inspire, amuse, or annoy me.

I am also the co-host and co-producer of the Clothes Making Mavens podcast.

If/when I mention stores, products, websites, or brands, it’s because I either like them or want to mention them, not because I get paid to do so or have any professional affiliation with them. Just so ya know.

Lori B.

The reason this blog is called “Frivolous at Last” is because I spent a good chunk of my life feeling like I needed to be taken very seriously. I am a petite, blond woman who looks young for her age and, particularly in my professional life, this was a liability, so demonstrating seriousness in everything I did seemed to be necessary. Also, having grown up in a world of sexist attitudes, when I was a teenager I decided that anything ‘girly’ was also a liability and was to be shunned. The trouble is, though, I like to make jokes and be silly. I also have finally come to admit that I really, really like a lot of things that are considered ‘girly’. And that things which are considered ‘girly’ are not also necessarily stupid or useless or meaningless or mere distractions from the ‘serious business’ of life. Society taught us that, and it takes a while (or at least it took me a while) to unlearn that. In fact, I’m gonna stop putting the word ‘girly’ in quotes as if to make it self-conscious. Girly. There.

Anyway, I feel the freedom to be “frivolous at last” on this blog. Crafts. Jokes. Shoes. Fashion. I embrace these things as things that I love, as just one aspect of a life that embraces many wide-ranging things.

Thanks for visiting. Peace.

— Lori

Clothes Making Mavens podcast: clothesmakingmavens.com
instagram: @frivolousatlast
pinterest: http://pinterest.com/lbeckste/
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6 thoughts on “About

  1. I searched in google a comic drawing of a face with (a lot of) hair in the wind covering its face, to send per Whatsupp to someone who sent me a pic of the beach he’s making holidays (very windy there). And landed on your blog. And started to read. Funny blog, full of life, great reading and lots of laugh and no laugh (extensions). Good job, continue and enjoy. 😉

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog so I wanted to nominate you for a blog hop thingy. I wasn’t sure of the best way to contact you. I hope this is okay. The blog hop is a way to be introduced to new blogs. I was nominated by sewnhenge (she’s on wordpress too). I’ll be answering the questions on Monday (the 22nd) and link to your blog and then you would answer the same questions the week after (29th). May I nominate you?


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