Create Your Own Challenge! Slow Fashion 2020

#SlowFashion2020: Create Your Own Sustainable Challenge

Hi friends! Happy holiday season to you!

As we come to the end of another year, how about a fresh new challenge for a fresh new 2020? I’ve started up Slow Fashion 2020, where you decide what challenge you want to set for yourself in terms of being more sustainable with your clothing making/purchasing.

Creat Your Own Challenge! Slow Fashion 2020

As you probably know, textile waste is a serious problem, and we are now buying (and disposing of) more clothes more quickly than ever in human history. This is environmentally unsustainable, and contributes to dangerous working conditions for garment workers overseas. (Remember the Rana Plaza Disaster in which over 1,100 garment workers were killed when the unsafe factory building they were forced to work in collapsed?) Growing water-guzzling crops like cotton, and making other fabrics and dyes that are chemically intense cause serious environmental degradation and human health problems. For more information about some of these issues, check out Fashion Revolution, or watch the documentary The True Cost.

Slow Fashion 2020 asks you to decide what you will do to mitigate your impact on the planet with regard to clothing and textiles.

Make your pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 6: "In 2020, I will spend time finding new ways to wear and appreciate what's already in my closet." What will you pledge?

For me, I’m not going to buy new clothes in 2020 (except for underwear & socks if needed, because, c’mon!). Instead I’m going to buy second-hand, swap with friends, find new ways to appreciate and wear the clothes I already have, or make clothes as needed.

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will sew any new clothes that I need." What will YOU pledge?

This is similar to the Ready to Wear Fast I did in 2018 (you can read what I learned from that experience here), but there are no pre-set rules. You make up your own rules that will work for YOU. Maybe you know you buy too much fabric and your stash is huge, so maybe you will pledge not to buy any new fabric in 2020, and/or unsubscribe from all marketing emails from fabric stores. Or maybe you will pledge not to do any online clothing shopping. Or maybe you will pledge to not buy any clothing at all, and only sew what you need. Or maybe your pledge will involve the 30 Wears Challenge, and you will only sew or buy an article of clothing that you know you’ll wear 30 times or more. The possibilities are endless, and completely customizable to what works for you.

Make Your Pledge! #SlowFashion2020 pledge idea no. 2: "In 2020, I will spend more time mending and altering clothes I already have." What will you pledge?

Want to join me? Make up your own sustainable pledge, for all or even just part of 2020. Join the Slow Fashion 2020 Facebook group where we share tips for avoiding fast fashion & making more sustainable choices, and cheer each other on throughout the year. It’s a judgment-free zone: only pledge to do what is comfortable for you (as long as you are making a change in the direction of sustainability with your clothes buying/using/sewing habits).

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will only buy new clothes from local, independent designers or local clothing companies." What will YOU pledge?

If you don’t use Facebook, you can make your pledge on Instagram using the #slowfashion2020 hashtag. Follow me there @frivolousatlast for ideas and encouragement on your Slow Fashion 2020 challenge.

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will host a clothing swap party." What will YOU pledge?

Feel free to share any of these Slow Fashion 2020 images on your own website or blog, and on your social media channels. Please help spread the word of sustainable fashion, and get your friends involved! Note that you *do not* have to be able to sew to participate.

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will think about the working conditions of overseas garment workers before I purchase any new item of clothing." What will YOU pledge?

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will stop buying clothes online." What will YOU pledge?

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will educate myself about all the ways in which fast fashion harms people and the environment." What will YOU pledge?

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will unsubscribe from all clothing marketing emails." What will YOU pledge?

Make your pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 6: "In 2020, I will teach someone to sew, mend, and/or alter their own clothes." What will you pledge?

Make Your Pledge: #SlowFashion2020 Pledge idea No. 7: "In 2020, I will not buy any new clothes. Instead, I'll borrow, swap, or buy second-hand." What will YOU pledge?

Over to you: what #slowfashion2020 pledge might you make? Got ideas for a great pledge? Please share in the comments or on your social media channels!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

— Lori


10 thoughts on “#SlowFashion2020: Create Your Own Sustainable Challenge

      1. I really think its sorta in my DNA! My dad built an addition to our home 60 yrs. ago by re- using wood which was shipped with new Renault cars to protect their bumpers . So this is not a new idea . I think one has to be creative with materials that are around you & fix rather than buy new . Yes, it is WORK but very satisfying I think !


      1. Yes. I’ll have to give some thought to it and how to hold myself accountable. I’ve made the “no more fabric purchases until …” pledge so many times, and there’s always a good reason to break it.

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  1. I just requested to join the group. I love this idea of setting your own challenge. No purchasing has never worked for me. I want to shop from stash as much as possible (says the girls who *just* bought about 10 yards of fabric from Mood…) for my sewing and knitting. And for clothes shopping, make sure I need what I buy (looking at you, exercise wear!) and where I buy from. Oh, and make my kids more mindful too. Maybe teach them to mend and alter their clothes?

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