The Juniata Cowl and My Mission for Textured Cozies

I’m loving this new cowl I knitted!


Because who can resist a gradient set of mini-skeins of yarn???

mini skeins

This is the Juniata Park Cowl, knit with a Cloudborn Merino Sock Mini Set in “Blue Warbler” from Craftsy. In fact, I bought the pattern and the yarn as a kit, which is currently on sale over at Craftsy (no affiliation; I just like me a good sale!)


I love the drape of a cowl or scarf knitted with sock yarn. It takes longer to knit than with thicker yarn, of course, but it’s worth it. Which is a very bold statement coming from this instant-gratification-lover!


Oh, and can I just tell ya about this coat? Found it at a second hand shop. French designer named Cotelac, which I hadn’t heard of before but now realize I scored a bargain. I *love* it, especially the ‘layered’ look as if I’m wearing a vest underneath with a slightly different colour and texture.


I particularly like the texture of this cowl. The columns of knit stitches dividing up the purl stitches create a sort of accordion pleat in the resulting fabric. That texture, combined with the stripes and colour changes, really knocks me out.

Here’s a better look at the texture (as well as the inevitable cat hairs built-in to all my hand-knits).

I seem to be on a kick of exploring textured stitched in my knitting in the past little while. I just started this Morton cowl below, which cleverly creates a bobble-like texture just by alternating chunky/bulky yarn with sock yarn in a slip-stitch pattern.

I am using self-striping Noro Kureyon Air, but I’m finding the resulting fabric to be a bit too stiff and “unrefined” for my liking. Feels a bit like an army-issue scarf. Perhaps I will cave in and buy the recommended yarn for this pattern, Malabrigo Mecha in a variegated colourway. Malabrigo yarns are always favourites of mine because of their softness and lustrous colours.

I started this next one below many moons ago — the Fox Paws Wrap (which I’m making narrower to be a scarf).

It’s a rather complicated pattern that requires careful attention, so I inevitably screwed it up enough times that my stitch count is now so far off track I’m not sure it’s salvagable. See those stitch markers and safety pins? Those are just the dropped stitches that I *know of* so far. Not sure if I can find my last mistake and rip back to it….I think I have to start this one all over again. We’ll see if I can muster up the courage to do that.

I’m on my second go of this Clapotis scarf below.

Isn’t the yarn divine? It’s Lang Yarns Mille Colori, a heavy-worsted weight wool-acrylic blend. I’m usually a yarn snob — natural fibres only, if you please dahling — but it’s the acrylic that gives this yarn that gorgeous lustre. I bought 200g of it on a vacation to Berlin in the spring, and I realized about a third of the way through knitting that I would run out of yarn before I could make it long enough to be useful. And no chance of finding the same yarn around here! So I’ve ripped back and started it again but I’m making it more narrow. And now I’m thinking a Clapotis would be so much nicer in a fingering weight yarn, and perhaps THIS yarn is just the perfect thing with which to redo the Morton cowl above.

Geez. I think I need to think about hiring a logistics co-ordinator for my knitting. And do you know what else I need? A *plain* *black* *scarf*. You see, I’m the same way when it comes to fabric AND yarn — gimme all the bright colours and crazy patterns! Because they’re oh-so-easy to fit into my mostly brightly-coloured and crazy-patterned wardrobe! lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by for a read.

— Lori



14 thoughts on “The Juniata Cowl and My Mission for Textured Cozies

  1. Very impressive, all that knitting. They all look good. The Morton Cowl stitch made with Noro Kureyon Air would make great fabric for a little jacket. It would be fabulous. And the Fox Paws – OMG!!!!! What a complex pattern but how gorgeous if you have the heart to start again. Brava.

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    1. You’re right, Barbara, I think that fabric would make a great jacket like a Sew Over It Coco or another cropped, boxy jacket. Wish me luck on ever getting that Fox Paws thing finished.


    1. Thanks, Janet! I can’t take credit for choosing the yarn for the project — it came as a kit from Craftsy. I am a sucker for kits! Sometimes I’m in the mood for hunting down the right yarn and the right colour combinations but more often than not I would just like someone else to take the guesswork out of all that for me. So when there’s a kit on offer, I’m interested!


      1. Well, you still chose a beautiful kit – I love it. I’m a total sucker for kits as well; it’s just so easy to have everything designed and coordinated for you, and to be able to get it all from one place.

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  2. The Juniata cowl is gorgeous! Thanks for pointing out the crafty sale on the mini skeins kit – I was right over there to check it out!

    You can find the Lang Mille Colori at the Yarn Guy in toronto. Not sure they have the same colour but they’ve ordered for me in the past.

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    1. Hi Emily! I’ve never been to the Yarn Guy — I’ll give him a try. This is some weird 200g ball of Mille Colori…even Ravelry didn’t have much listed for it. Romni has Mille Colori but not this particular extra large ball or colourway. Ah well, I’ll figure out something to do with it.


  3. Love the cowl–the texture looks so wonderfully squishy! How did you like the yarn itself? I’ve wondered about the Craftsy Cloudborn line but haven’t devoted any of my “fun money” to trying it for myself yet. I like the idea of the Morton cowl, and am SO awed by the Fox Paw scarf/wrap (warts and all).

    I am impressed that you have so many things going; 2 is usually my concurrent project limit, and I’m making myself crazy trying to knit Xmas socks and fingerless mitts while my pair of sweater sleeves sits there in a Ziploc bag, glaring at me from the coffee table. 😉 (And none of my things involve colorwork or multiple yarns, and I still can’t deal!)

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    1. Hi Mads. The yarn is really quite nice. I had my doubts when I placed the order but it knitted up into a soft fabric. I’d recommend it. I think you’re smart to limit yourself. My life is a sea of WIPs of both knitting and sewing and it’s probably taking a toll on my mental health…not to mention the mental health of my husband who has to share this home with me. 🙂

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    1. I knitted a “scarf” for my dad when I was a kid that came out trapezoidal and too short — I basically had to stop when my tension got to the way-too-tight-to-continue-knitting point. Lots of dropped stitches, too! I’m finding adult knitting to be a lot more successful. 😉

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