Kondo'd drawer

Doing This Was *SO* Worth It

So this is a thing I did…

Kondo'd drawer

I was getting sick of having to dump out my dresser drawers every couple of months to re-fold the jumbled hot mess they inevitably became. Where is that damn black turtleneck?? <riffle riffle ruffle> Don’t I have a purple long sleeved Tee in here somewhere?? <ruffle toss riffle> Why won’t this drawer close properly?? <grunt urgh %^&$>

I’m quite late to the hype party but Marie Kondo’s bestselling book from 2014 on tidying up describes a way to fold your clothes so they’ll stand up in neat rows like this. (If you’re a cynic like me, you can skip the part about caressing the garment to communicate your gratitude and affection to it.) I decided to give the method a try and it has actually made getting dressed in the morning SO. MUCH. EASIER.

I can see all my clothes at a glance! Folding laundry takes a little extra time, but that tiny bit of extra time is paying off in sanity dividends.


You can use shoe boxes or other dividers as I have above, but I found it’s really not necessary, particularly if you have enough clothes to fill the drawer — they will hold each other up nicely.

Besides making my mornings easier, this new arrangement also forces me to consider what’s in the drawer before I add something new to it. If there isn’t enough room, then I have to choose something to donate in order to make room. I used to just shove new things into drawers until they were all bursting at the seams, and I’d forget I owned half the things that were in there.

Another bonus: the clothes have less wrinkles in them now. Smoothing out the garment before folding into these neat little bundles helps. As does not having a drawer full of rumpled up messes. 😉

Kondo'd drawers

How do you organize your clothes? Any good tips for closets?


7 thoughts on “Doing This Was *SO* Worth It

  1. Well….I admit to the same rumpled mess you escaped from 😜. This folding method looks very promising although, like you, I will not be caressing my clothes. That’s just weird! Thanks for allowing me to not feel alone with my clothes storage mayhem 😳

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  2. I recently switched to folding my clothes like this too, and I agree it is totally worth spending a little more time folding. I love seeing my me-made clothes all lined up, and it makes it so much easier to see what I need to replace or get rid of. I can actually fit more in my drawers, too.


  3. Hello, Lori! Nice job! I need order myself too! As for wardrobes, the bigger the better, haha! We obsesive sewists tend to own quite a bunch of clothes, that is a fact. I prefer to hang them on hangers, and organize them in sections: dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, etc.


  4. You know I’ve thought about doing this a million times! After I watched a well seasoned traveler friend pack her suitcase this way I suddenly thought, “Why not do my drawers this way?” I never got around to it and like you every couple of months out of sheer frustration (and shame about having things I don’t even KNOW I own) I would spend a morning refolding my drawers. BUT you have inspired me to get on this and today being Sunday is the perfect day. Thank you for the nudge I needed 🙂


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