Huzzah! Me and my Sweetheart are back together!

Look at this swagger! Why? Cause I opened a can of serger whoop-ass on this sweater. I feel like a certified DOMIKNITRIX.

Sweetheart sweater with pink intarsia bow

When I finished knitting this sweater (Sweetheart from Domiknitrix by Jennifer Stafford),  it was way too big. More details and sucky pics here.

Sweetheart sweater before and after

But now my Sweetheart fits much better. And this is how I feel about it:

Sweetheart sweater jumping for joy

I used my serger to trim away the extra room from the sleeve hem all the way along to the waist on each side. Then I pinned up the extra bulk around the sleeve heads and serged around the armholes. Lastly, I wove black elastic thread around the neckline and cinched it in. So many thanks to readers who offered suggestions and encouragement! It worked, y’all!

Sweetheart sweater

And I love it!

Sweetheart sweater


7 thoughts on “Huzzah! Me and my Sweetheart are back together!

  1. Congratulations, good job!!! And good news for us knitters too, the possibility of altering the knitted pieces by serger or sewing machine. Having that into account, when in doubt, the bigger the better…

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  2. Big improvement! Nicely saved…. I’ve had to do this once or twice, but when I mentioned it in front of seasoned knitters,I heard them gasp! But really if you’ve put all that work in, then it needs to be wearable, without having to re-knit!

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