Snippet scarf in yellow-multi

Stashbusting Knitting Project: Snippet Scarf

Until I find a knitting pattern that specifically calls for a bunch of those 30-percents-of-a-skein of Malabrigo or Madelinetosh that are always leftover from knitting hats, this free scarf pattern will remain my go-to pattern for trying to keep a lid on my ever-expanding giant bag of leftover yarn. The Snippet Scarf by Becky Herrick is not only available for free, it’s also a pretty much fool-proof way of combining all the varied weights and colours of your leftover yarn. And you only need about 6 yards for each row, so you can use up even the tiniest bits of leftovers.

Snippet Scarf
An example of how you just can’t go wrong mixing in whatever colours you’ve got on hand.

For all these versions, I used 6mm/US size 10 needles. Gauge isn’t really an issue. I REPEAT: GAUGE ISN’T AN ISSUE. Knitter peeps who hate gauge swatching know what I’m talkin’bout.

Snippet scarf in greens & blues
Snippet Scarf in shades of greens & blues. I cast on 175 stitches for this one.

The scarf is worked sideways, knitting each row…each of your bits of leftover yarn create a horizontal stripe. Instead of turning around and going back with the same piece of yarn for the next row, you cut the yarn off at the end, leaving enough dangling for the fringe, and start the next row with another piece of yarn. Piece. O’. Cake. You just have to make sure you have needles long enough to hold all the stitches…a long circular needle is best.

Snippet Scarf in browns & yellows
My pal Christian looking rather Northern Hipster in his chunky sweater and snippet scarf in browns & yellows. I cast on 170 stitches for this one, but probably should’ve done more since Christian’s quite a tall guy.
Snippet Scarf in shades of pink. I made this one a little shorter than usual: 165 stitches cast on.
Snippet Scarf in shades of pink. I made this one a little shorter than usual (165 stitches cast on). I also booked myself a friggin’ haircut as soon as I saw this picture. Sheesh.

For the version below, I used some single skeins of yarn my parents-in-law had given me for my birthday a few years ago. They bought the yarn, made by Dyeguy, from an amazing little yarn shop called The Fibre Garden in the village of Jordan, Ontario, right in the middle of Niagara wine country.

Snippet scarf in yellow-multi
For my Father in Law, made with skeins of yarn he & my MIL gave me for my birthday.

The Dyeguy yarn is coloured with natural dyes. The skeins my parents-in-law gave me are dyed with black walnut and osage orange wood.

Dyeguy yarn from the Fibre Garden

Dyeguy yarn from the Fibre Garden

A visit to the Fibre Garden shop is not to be missed if you’re anywhere in the Niagara region. Best part: right across the street is another great yarn and quilting shop called Stitch. I couldn’t find out the official population count of Jordan village, but I’m pretty sure that makes about one yarn store for every 72.5 people there. 😉

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