Burda wrap blouse 04/2014 #115

Burda Wrap Blouse

Burda wrap blouse 04/2014 #115

I love the design of this top! It’s from Burda magazine, April 2014, pattern #115. I love the slightly boxy look and the high boatneck as well as the 3/4 length sleeves. I sewed it in polyester crepe fabric.

Burda Wrap Blouse 04/2014 #115

I lengthened the torso by about 10cm (4 inches) because I really didn’t want to risk having a midriff-baring top that I would never wear. As it is, it would be risky to wear this outside in a breeze without a camisole underneath, as the two front flaps are only attached at the shoulders. But the upshot is no zipper to sew in! It’s really a very easy top to make.

I sewed the size 34. The shoulders came out a bit too narrow; if I made it again I would add an extra centimeter or two there. Although I did have a near-fatal accident with the blade on my serger around the shoulder seams early on in the process (near-fatal for the shirt, not for me), so overcoming that setback may account for the narrow shoulders. 😉


Just wanted to show you my groovy new top. Thanks for reading! Now I’ll just go back to staring contemplatively into the middle distance…




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    1. Thanks! Yes, those shoes. Sigh. I bought them in a store in Germany in 2008. I don’t know what brand they are or what store it was, but these particular shoes may have been the turning point moment for me and my love affair with shoes. 🙂


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