What is the Sound of One Mitten Clapping?

Knitters, do you do this? I made this mitten over a year ago. It has been sitting alone, unused, and unloved, contemplating its own extinction like the unicorn on Noah’s ark. I don’t remember what size needles I used to make it, and I didn’t even make notes about it in Ravelry. I can’t imagine I’ll ever get around to knitting it a mate. (And now that I’ve anthropomorphized it, I’m feeling pretty damn guilty about that.)

Sad, lonely mitten
Sad, lonely mitten
In happier times. Sadly, and unsurprisingly, I find this single mitten to be of little use in winter.

I knit it using this free pattern for thrummed mittens. Thrumming is a technique whereby you add a tuft of fleece roving to the stitch in a regular pattern. This produces those contrasting V’s you see on the outside, and the loose ends of the fleece stay on the inside of the mitten which creates not only a puffy mitten of clown-like proportions but also a super-warm layer of insulation — it feels divine sliding your hand into that mitten full of fleece. The yarn is handspun I bought in Prince Edward County during an October weekend getaway and I bought the roving at a yarn shop on Main Street in Picton.

So, you do this, too, right? Maybe we should set up an online matchmaking service for single socks and mittens…

BTW, I see you eying my awesome chunky-knit hooded sweater. I knit that from the pattern Wilde by Melissa Schaschwary using Malabrigo Rasta yarn. Amazingly smooshy to knit; amazingly pill-y to wear. Ain’t it always the way.


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