Twig Necklace

Who gets a cold in summer? Me! That’s who! So as I’ve been dragging my ass around the house for the last couple of days, I thought I’d better try doing something productive other than napping and sipping tea. Hence the twig necklace. I’m sure my husband would much rather I went to get groceries to replenish our empty cupboards instead. But I’ll contemplate that during my next nap.

Twig Necklace

Twig necklace

This design is from the book Wrapped in Gems by Mai Sato-Flores. I did it as a kind of a trial run for a more expensive version I’d like to make. This one is made of some cheap Chinese crystal teardrops and 28 gauge bright blue wire that I already had (both purchased at my favourite bead shop in Toronto, Arton Beads). It was a really quick process — maybe only 30 minutes total. I put it on a silver chain but this might look better on a pretty blue ribbon necklace.


Twig necklace

The design in the book uses sterling silver wire and peridot gems. It called for 25″ of wire, but I had to use twice as much wire to wrap the whole thing. That would get pretty spendy pretty quickly in silver. I’m also a bit reticent to have to deal with silver wire getting ‘work-hardened’, as I’m prone to bouts of zealous sloppy wrapping which necessitate unwrapping and re-doing. I hear that’s a lot more tricky with wire that doesn’t stay soft after it’s been worked. Still, I think this design would be much prettier with silver wire.

The book has lovely photographs of the author’s designs but the instructions are mainly text-based and lack illustrations of the steps. Which is not a huge problem, as most of the procedures aren’t rocket science and you can mostly work out what to do by looking at the photo of the finished object. There are a couple of other designs from the book I’d like to try, including the Tree Branch necklace pictured below.

Wrapped in Gems by Mai Sato-Flores

Tree Branch Necklace
The Tree Branch Necklace

Off to put the kettle on for a cuppa. I’m sure we’ll survive if we order pizza for dinner.

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