Down the Rabbit Hole: Shoes of Prey

Oh my, I’ve just slipped down a rabbit hole. It’s no secret that I have a bit of a “shoe problem”…more pairs than one person should actually need….a habit of perching a pair of shoes on my dresser just so I can admire them….justifying buying a pair of uncomfortable or impractical shoes because they’re a ‘work of art’….maybe you can relate to what I’m saying. Anyway, if you have an *actual* shoe problem (which might be defined as not paying off your credit cards in full every month and still buying beautiful shoes you don’t actually need) then do not read any further. Don’t even look at this picture. Don’t do it! Look away!

Shoes of Prey colour blocked oxfords
While I definitely could not rock stilettos this high, I just love oxfords. And colour-blocked oxfords? Winning combination!

I just came across Shoes of Prey, a Sydney, Australia-based company that makes custom-designed shoes. You create the design yourself on their website, choosing from the base style, the colours, and materials. And they ship free world-wide. Just the thought of being able to play with shoe designing to my heart’s content…well, let’s just say I spent a bit more time down that rabbit hole than I care to admit. Here’s a design I’d be tempted to order, which is a lower-heel version of one of their gallery designs:

Colour blocked oxfords from the Shoes of Prey desgin gallery: silver, tan, and white leather with midnight blue patent leather.
My lower-heeled version of the gallery design.


Anyway, this isn’t an endorsement or a recommendation, as I have not purchased anything from them (um, yet). But their prices seem quite reasonable for custom designs, so I’m tempted to try. And I know they’re not the first or only design-your-own-shoes service out there. Have you ever tried one? Were you happy with the result? I’d be interested to know of others that you recommend.

And here are more drool-worthy designs from their gallery:

Zebra and soft teal peep-toe shoes.
Zebra and soft teal peep-toe shoes.
Colour blocked ballet flats with bows.
Platform heels in white leather with printed text, and magenta fishskin heels. Magenta! Fishskin!
Platform heels in white leather with printed text, and magenta fishskin heels. Magenta! Fishskin!

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