Anti-Rob Ford Protest

We’re so Canadian.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the laughing stock that is our incompetent mayor. Allegations of smoking crack, proven conflict of interest, serial liar and denier until he’s caught with irrefutable evidence, yadda yadda yadda. So there was a protest at Nathan Phillips Square at Toronto City Hall this morning. About 500 or so people were there to show that we want him out. You’d think we’d be angry. (And don’t get me wrong…I’ve been angry since the moment he started campaigning to be mayor, and many others are angry at his lack of leadership, willful ignorance, and surplus of arrogance.) But here’s what the protest looked like: 500 people milling about quietly, a handful with signs. There was another event happening in the Square at the same time–some kind of kick-off to a fundraising walk for a kids’ camp–and they made an announcement that they hoped we would behave so they could get their event underway without any problems. And the protesters gave them a hearty round of applause. Of COURSE we wouldn’t cause any problems! The kids’ camp people had someone sing the national anthem and the protesters stood at attention (mostly) and applauded at the end. Eventually someone started up the tried and true ‘hey hey, ho ho, Rob Ford has got to go’ chant and most of the protesters chimed in. Someone gave me this button they had made:

Get it? Toronto *rocks*? See what they did there?

And then it was over.

We’re so Canadian.

So we went to the bookstore.

etobi-coke, etobi-crack, etobi-joke
You may have to live in or near Toronto to get this one…Etobicoke is the name of the former city in the west end of Toronto (now part of the almagamated city) where Rob Ford lives.
Shiny happy people holding hands
Shiny happy protestors holding hands
A reference to the fabled ‘gravy train’ Ford promised to put a stop to when elected.

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