Instant Party: Just Add Nettie (and some safety pins and maybe duct tape)


Last month I engaged in a little Extreme Sewing.

12pm, Saturday, December 16: I decide I need a new dress for a party I’m going to at 6pm. Husband raises his eyebrows at my proclamation and suggests it might be better for my state of mind to wear one of the many things already in my closet. However, I accept that by 6pm, I will either be completely stressed out and wearing a new dress, or completely stressed out and wearing an old dress, so I grab my scissors and tape and print out the Nettie Dress pattern from Closet Case. GAME ON!

(12:30pm, Saturday, December 16: Husband wisely leaves the house for the afternoon.)


I cut the scoop neck, deep low back version. I was inspired by Doctor T’s red-hot version (or should I say yellow-hot?)  The low back necessitated adding bra inserts in the front. However, with time being of the essence, and this being an Extreme Sport and all, I flew by the seat of my pants and SAFETY PINNED those molded cups into the dress. Don’t judge — dinner was at 6.


Another little hack (necessary to prevent a wardrobe malfunction at this family-friendly gathering) was to add lace ties at the back. The dress does not fit like a glove; in fact, there’s waaaay to much room between the shoulder seam and the armpit, so there was no way this dress was going to stay on around my shoulders. What it actually needs is a bit of seam ripping and resewing, which I’ll get to eventually (hello giant mending pile). But the last-minute ties did the trick to meet my deadline. I’m glad I had some lace trim in my stash or I might’ve had to make the ties out of duct tape.


The fabric is a techno/scuba knit type thing I bought online a while back, and is now out of stock. Scuba is the best fabric for fitted dresses, ever. It’s like it’s got Spanx built into it. I know it came and went as a trend but I’m going to be keeping a candle burning for it as long as I can.


Rewards of extreme sewing include when a nine-year-old girl who doesn’t know you from Eve spots you at the party and says, “You’re wearing a very pretty dress!”

Why thank you, sweetheart! I’d give you a hug but there’s a pin sticking in my boob, so we’ll settle for a high five. 😀


I’d love to hear your tales of extreme sewing. Ever decided you needed to sew something RIGHT BEFORE heading to the airport? Or to an event? What happened?– good or bad…dish!


Thanks for stopping by!

— Lori

24 thoughts on “Instant Party: Just Add Nettie (and some safety pins and maybe duct tape)

  1. Safety pins are completely valid as a sewing option. I can’t tell you how many skaters I’ve safety-pinned into a costume, or how many RTW dresses have been held up at formal events by duct tape (er, well, toupee tape). I’ve done extreme sewing; usually it involves trying to wrangle sequined fabric into the shape of a tuxedo the night before hopping on a plane to deliver said tuxedo to a skater at a competition. The inability to do last minute fittings can be described as nothing but “extreme.” There is something about a short deadline that increases the joy of finishing though. Your dress looks awesome – great mix of pattern and fabric! And thanks for the shout out!


  2. Your dress looks so awesome! I’ve been to more than a few formal events held in by duct tape (er, well, toupee tape), so there is no shame in safety pins. My version of extreme sewing usually involves trying to wrangle sequined fabric into a tuxedo the night before hopping a plane to a sewing competition. Something about tight deadlines always makes the end result a little more rewarding though. Great job on the dress, and thanks for the shout out!

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  3. That 12.30pm comment – gold! He’s a wise man. I’m waaaaaaay too type A to indulge in this kind of crazy self-masochistic behaviour. Much in awe of those who to. Brava! Great dress. X

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  4. Just almost had a similar thing happen to me, but I checked myself… It might really have cost me the little complete relaxation I get these days. Also, I am glad, because the wool-crepe dress I had in mind would have been overdressed after all, while my “Oh well-” Trousers and Blouse fit right in…

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  5. My mom had to sew me into my wedding dress – the lace overlay on my hand made dress wouldn’t stay closed in the back. Hubby had to figure out how to cut me out without damaging the lace. 😉 We are still married 37 years later.

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  6. I did – Summer of 2016, I was up sewing my dress until 4:30 am to leave on trip that morning 8:00 am. Crazzzzzy!!! But it was sweet wearing it and now? every time I see those pictures of that vacation, wearing that dress, I smile! 🙂

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    1. What a great story. Love it. One time I sewed a carrying case for my Kobo an hour or two before leaving for the airport but I have yet to try to finish a garment on the day of departure. Although I have no doubt that’s going to happen to me at some point in my life. 🙂


  7. This dress is epic right here!! Love love the print and the style.. You look fabulous.. I chuckled when you wrote your husband’s response.. hahaha Totally what my Hubby would say and hahah And Yes I have done some extreme sewing before.. That rush… oh .. hahah One time I did a dress in an hour.. ( it was all ) hahahah Love it.. I do the extreme sewing from time to time.. hence why I am trying to slow down and make those key pieces now.. we will see how that goes! 🙂

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    1. Haha! Yes, I always tell myself I should slow down and go for quality over instant gratification. But man o man, that urge for instant gratification sure is hard to overcome!


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