Mother’s Little Helper: Not-So-Secret Pyjamas

Pssst! Over here. Need something to take the edge off? Something that’ll make you feel great? I got what you need. I’m your pusher…


And I’m pushin’ TERRY CLOTH. Lawdamercy, why didn’t anyone TELL me that terry cloth is heaven on earth? These pants caress my legs all day with millions of tiny soft loops that swish around in buttery-soft drapiness. Siiiiighhhhhh….


As soon as I made these addictive narcotic pants I rushed back to my pusher (The Work Room) to get more. I had experienced nirvana, and needed more, More, MORE! But when I got there I didn’t see any left.

Sweat broke out on my brow.

“Excuse me,” I said, concealing my panic, “I bought some terry cloth here last year, I think it was rayon or bamboo terry…do you have any left?”

“Sorry, none left.”

“Will you be getting any more in?” I choked out in a high pitched voice.

“Maybe. I don’t know. It might be a seasonal thing.”

I waited for a few awkward moments, expecting maybe a “I’ll find out for you if we can get more.” But only silence. (Folks in this place seem to have skipped over a few chapters in the Good Customer Service/Principles of Pushing Handbook.)

Damn, I’ve got to find me another pusher. I’ve got a need for terry cloth that any pusher worth their salt would be more than happy to exploit. Regardless of season. Extreme comfort and happiness know no season! My wallet is wide open here, people! I’ll sell my soul for terry loops in all the colours!


These pants are New Look 6461, a simple elasticized-waist pant that’s meant to fall a couple inches above the ankle. On my 5’4″ frame they’re a bit neither-here-nor-there in terms of length…I probably should have shortened them another inch or two. But they drape like a dream and I ADORE wearing them. In fact, I’m not even embarrassed to tell you that I wore them for two consecutive days, including to bed! [Spot the person who’s been working from home a lot lately.]

New Look 6461

I’m also working on my own version of the top pictured on the model in purple and grey stripes.


Good news: I think I found myself a new pusher. L’oiseau Fabrics is a Canadian online fabric shop based in Calgary that has a great selection of knits. And like any good pusher, they threw in something they thought I might like for free on my first order to get me hooked. Actually, it was by accident. I ordered some black bamboo terry cloth and when the package arrived…no loops. NO LOOPS! Another cold sweat. Am I mistaken, I wondered? Is there such a thing as terry cloth with no loops? But it turns out they had just made a mistake on the order and had sent along regular old black jersey. They sent the terry cloth right away and told me to keep the jersey. Nice, huh? Although the terry I got from them is a heavier weight than what I made the pants with, so it hasn’t quite got the same luscious drapiness. But it will be good for a winter cardigan or sweatshirt.


Pssst! Me again. I’m also pushing podcasts. Have you heard the Clothes Making Mavens Podcast yet? It’s freeeeeeeee…….just try it, see if you like it. Come back and tell me later if you need more. 😉

clothes Making Mavens - a sewing podcast about handmade fashion - episode 1 available now -

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Helper: Not-So-Secret Pyjamas

  1. It’s not terry, but this stuff from Gorgeous Fabrics has a looped back and a nice drape.

    It’s also on sale at the moment. If you click the picture of the man in the jacket made from it, you can see his blog post which gives lots of hints for working with it.

    BTW, I listened to the pod cast yesterday and found it very interesting. You ladies sounded like you had a lot of fun!


  2. You are hilarious Lori!!! So refreshing on this LONGGGG THURSDAY!!.. You know we have a Holiday tomorrow here in Canada so.. I am having Thursday Blues.. lol sewing machine here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love this post.. 🙂 Those pants… I will check out that store you mentioned.. Always looking for a good piece of fabric..

    Enjoyed the Podcast totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Rayon/bamboo French Terry is AMAZING!!!! I’ve bought it online in a few places… but I know Kristin/k-Line buys it in a shop on the north side of Queen W – I just can’t remember the name! I don’t love cotton terry nearly as much – tend to not have much stretch and doesn’t have the lovely drape. Hope you can find a good source to get you fix!!!


  4. Fabricana Imports in Richmond, B.C. sells Bamboo terry. They will do mail order. Your pants look so comfortable and bamboo seems to have a cooling effect – just great for summer.


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